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Large sample boards

Large sample boards

Interior Color Consultation

Walls            Ceilings        Cabinets       Trim          Doors         Windows

Whether it’s a neutral backdrop or a bold accent, the right paint colors will harmoniously support the furnishings and material surfaces in your home or business. 

With a background in interior decorating, my approach to color selection is thoughtful and comprehensive. After a thorough walk-through of your space(s), we’ll discuss your goals, what’s staying and going as well as your personal preferences. 

Using my large sample boards, we’ll analyze potential colors next to all of the important elements and create a color palette that flows seamlessly from room to room. 

Exterior Color Consultation

Siding          Trim         Windows       Doors        Soffit        Fascia

When selecting colors for an exterior project, factors like architectural features, fixed materials, surrounding elements and even neighboring homes can influence the options. 

Taking all of this into consideration, we’ll thoughtfully explore your color options use my large sample boards. These are especially helpful in the exterior environment and will lead us to the perfect palette that suits you and your home. 

Material Selection Review

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